Universal AI for Everyone

Cutting the noise to focus on what matters most

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Instagram, Linked-in all in one place, organized by topics and people, not social media apps. Artificial intelligence (AI) to cut the fake news and people and help you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

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Universal Social AI - It's All About Trust

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Q. Who's Talking?
Q. What are they talking about?
Q.When are they saying it?
Q. Where are they saying it?

SparksFly's patented AI and social platform helps you know for sure.

It's really that simple.

We're all pretty crafty searching for products, people and places across the Internet. But searching social posts? Not so much - until now.

With SparksFly™, you master "finding things" in social feeds across ALL your profiles and our Intelligent app finds things FOR you, automatically. Simple!

Follow more of the
things you love

With SparksFly, MORE is more – keep following more people and more topics you are interested in. We do the hard work for you.

Find it in your feeds

Create automated searches in SparkFeeds™ by keywords, topics or people so you can quickly find what you want to read without having to scroll through your whole feed.

Sort your feeds like a boss

Sparksfly automatically scans your feeds, sorting them by the topics you select. The sorted content is from ALL your social networks together.

YouTube Feed

Share everything everywhere

SparksFly lets you easily share posts from any of your connected networks to any other connected networks or kick it out into an email all with a simple click.

...what you didn’t know

Sparksfly’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Engine (Sparky™) looks at who, what, when and where to help discover and retrieve your most important posts (Sparks™).

Follow the people

Sparksfly let’s you create SparkFeeds™ to group posts only from specify groups of people, like your immediate family, college friends, colleagues or favorite musicians.

SparksFly™ has full YouTube Integration.

Add a YouTube channel to a SparkFeed and viola, every time a new video is released, it shows up in your SparkFeed. So if you want to watch ONLY the Tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos of your favorite Social Media stars and THAT's ALL. Create another around your favorite sports or sports teams, your favorite genres of music, art, politics, etc.

And now, list like you can with twitter, subscribe to a feed from the SparksFly deck and AUTO SUBSCRIBE to all profiles within that SparkFeed with one single click. No searching, no sorting, just getting what you really care about. Simple!  Download SparksFly now.


SparksFly™ Technology - It's about time.

SparksFly manages a LOT of social media data, all so you can spend far less time scrolling and swiping junk, and more time reading, watching and engaging with content you REALLY care about.

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posts viewed

One screen, ALL your social.

SparksFly organizes your social content into Sparkfeeds™ that are managed by powerful filters. Choose pre-made SparkFeeds™ or easily make and manage your own, organized by the things YOU are interesting in, including content from ONLY the people/profiles relevant to a topic and only the social media platforms you want content from.

SparksFly in 90 Seconds

See how the SparksFly App can change your life. Yeah we mean that. When you don't have to toggle back and forth between apps, then scroll endlessly through posts and videos you don't care about just to find those that you do. And when you get alerted when you NEED to know about something, you'll experience the future of social, today.

Download the SparksFly™ App

SparksFly for Business

SparksFly is a power business solution for brands looking to gain more business value out of social media. Our platform can be fully integrated into another mobile app, web app or IOT platform to deliver all our advanced social media functionality to users and your brand. Click to learn how SparksFly can grow your audience across social channels, increase relevant engagement and drive more revenue and profit. SparksFly™ for Business

New Easy Set up SparkFeeds™

We are excited to announce several new SparkFeeds™ now available in Easy Setup within Settings. Example:

Politico Left- Adds the Top 10 “Left” twitter follows (@DavidCornDC, @ChrisHayes @andersoncooper, @hardball_chris, @MHarrisPerry, @DianeSawyer @TheRevAl, @maddow, @ariannahuff, @Ezraklein)
Politico Right – Adds the Top “Right” twitter follows (@oreillyfactor, @BretBaier, @jaketapper, @greta, @seanhannity, @AHMalcolm, @brithume @megynkelly, @glennbeck, @RichLowry,@DanaPerino, @TuckerCarlson)

Presidential Candidates – Adds the Current Candidate as twitter follows

Top Medical Journals – Adds twitter follows (@JAMA_current, @NEJM, @bmj_latest, @TheLancet)

Here’s how you add a new premade SparkFeed™ to your SparksFly app.

Start Sparksfly app:

  • Tap “Change Feed” on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap +Add New
  • Tap Easy Setup
  • Tap “Sort by Topics”
  • Tap the SparkFeeds™ you want to add
  • Tap Done.

Your new Routine may take some time to start gathering new posts from your networks. It will notify you when the SparkFeed™ is ready.

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Download SparksFly Here

Available on both Apple App Store and the Android App Store