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Social simplified. It's about time.

It's really that simple.

We're all pretty crafty searching for products, people and places across the Internet. But searching social posts? Not so much - until now.

With SparksFly, you master "finding things" in social feeds across ALL your profiles and our Intelligent app finds things FOR you, automatically. Simple!

Follow more of the things you love.

With SparksFly, MORE is more – keep following more people and more topics you are interested in. We do the hard work for you.

Find it in your feeds.

Create automated searches in SparkFeedssm by keywords, topics or people so you can quickly find what you want to read without having to scroll through your whole feed.

Sort your feeds like a boss.

Sparksfly automatically scans your feeds, sorting them by the topics you select. The sorted content is from ALL your social networks together.

Share everything everywhere

Sparsksfly lets you easily share posts from any of your connected networks to any other connected networks or kick it out into an email all with a simple click.

..what you didn’t know.

Sparksfly’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Engine (Sparkysm) looks at who, what, when and where to help discover and retrieve your most important posts (Sparkssm).

Follow the people.

Sparksfly let’s you create SparkFeedssm to group posts only from specify groups of people, like your immediate family, college friends, colleagues or favorite musicians.

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  • 120,000 apps down loaded.
  • 150 million posts viewed.
  • Apple and Android versions.


We are excited to announce several new SparkFeedssm now available in Easy Setup.

  1. Politico Left- Adds the Top 10 “Left” twitter follows (@DavidCornDC, @ChrisHayes @andersoncooper, @hardball_chris, @MHarrisPerry, @DianeSawyer @TheRevAl, @maddow, @ariannahuff, @Ezraklein)
  2. Politico Right – Adds the Top “Right” twitter follows (@oreillyfactor,  @BretBaier, @jaketapper, @greta, @seanhannity, @AHMalcolm, @brithume @megynkelly, @glennbeck, @RichLowry,@DanaPerino, @TuckerCarlson)
  3. Presidential Candidates – Adds the Current Candidate as twitter follows
  4. Top Medical Journals Adds twitter follows  (@JAMA_current, @NEJM, @bmj_latest, @TheLancet)

Here’s how you add a new Routine to your Sparksfly app.

  1. Start Sparksfly app
  2. Tap “Change Feed” on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap +Add New
  4. Tap Easy Setup
  5. Tap “Sort by Topics”
  6. Tap the SparkFeedssm you want to add
  7. Tap Done.

Your new Routine may take some time to start gathering new posts from your networks. It will notify you when the SparkFeed is ready.

SparksFly App - Sparkfees auto subscribe to accounts within them so you don't have to!


For business, Sparksfly enables brands to reach consumers directly in two ways.

First we offer a “Social-in-a-Box” SDK. Our SDK allows you to easily integrate full social user interactions with the top popular Social Networks into your current mobile app. Sparksfly also offers complete branded mobile applications built on Sparksfly’s integrated social platform.

Contact us today to discuss adding Sparksfly’s amazing social capabilities to your app.




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SparksFly is available for iOS and Android devices.

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Sparksfly for Sales Teams

Sparksfly is an powerful tool for sales teams to follow their prospects. With Sparksfly, you will know first when your prospect is in the news or makes news, giving you ample reason to reach out and connect with your point people to help them with your companies solutions.

Video - Sparksfly for Sales Teams


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