SparksFlSparksFly Technologies OTT platform for social media - Maximizing audience growth and engagement in B2B social media

SparksFly™ for business

It's about Trust - Who. What. When. Where.
SparksFly helps Chief Security Officers know for sure.

SparksFlSparksFly Technologies OTT platform for social media - Maximizing revenue and Profit in B2B social media

It's About Trust.

It's about Trust - Who. What. When. Where.
SparksFly helps Chief Security Officers know for sure.

Cybersecurity. Fake News. Fake Identities. How do you know for sure?

A company without an initiative to effectively identify, assess and manage its approach to social media and its various tools not only loses out on its many opportunities they offer but faces numerous risks to and improper business practices and activities that may damage the business.

A program to harness these risks does not need to be onerous or intrusive, but it does need to be proportional to the company’s exposure.

SparksFly-OTT Platform for social media-Driving return on investment & scale in social media

SparksFly™ is founded by business leaders. Our millennium of consequential digital/social media experience drives our world class strategy and development skills to create a platform that provides brands a new level of control within the social media environment. We built the multi-patent-pending SparksFly™ Platform for Social Media to bring brands and consumers closer in more contextually relevant ways than ever possible before.  We constantly ask ourselves, "what social behaviors drive business outcomes and how do we then scale them to deliver meaningful business value beyond brand metrics?"

SparksFly™ Technology Platform for Social Media provides the means to scale the critical "business elements" of social communications within a brand including:

SparksFly Technologies' platforms drives audience growth across social media channels

General Compliance

Intellectual Property, Employee Privacy, FINRA
regulations, Regulation FD (outside the company)


SparksFlSparksFly Technologies OTT platform for social media - relevant audience engagement

Corporate Risks

Confidentiality, Conflicts of Interest, Improper
Business Practices, Misuse of Company Resources, Disparagement or Harassment, Cyber Security



Espionage or Fraud

Eg; Posting a false review about a competitor’s product or service. Misrepresenting/Shopping a competitor


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We are far more than a technology platform. We have dozens of years of experience as brand and agency leaders in strategy, development and implementation. We address business problems at a strategic level. 

SparksFly Technologies. Social Media platform for business

SparksFly™ is a solutions company dedicated to leveraging technology and a strategic approach to streamline and radically improve the social media experience on mobile devices.  Simply stated, whether you are a brand or a social media enthusiast, we make your social easier, faster and smarter, delivering exponentially more value. For brands, that value translates in to bigger multi-channel audiences, more relevant consumer engagement and higher revenue and profits, all through social.

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