Working with SparksFly™

Sparksfly’s success depends on the success of our brand partners in deploying our platform. “Your success is our success” so we are vested in understanding specific business challenges and then crafting strategies inclusive of our technology platform, program elements, a creative approach and our support.  Vertical licensing agreements provide for reasonable initial investment to cover implementation costs and any customizations unique to a brand engagement. 

Our technology platform is the only one of its kind, with multiple patents pending. Because it is built to operate at the intersection of social media platforms and process data, our proprietary data fabric enables SparksFly™ to seamlessly onboard new and additional social media platforms as they enter the marketplace or become strategically relevant to a client engagement.

 Our ability to drive incremental revenue through social makes us a valuable strategic partner.

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SparksFly Integrated Platform - Branded mobile apps, web apps, robotics, and IOT.

Integrated/embedded platform

Because SparksFly™ is a platform, our technology can be integrated and embedded into your app, mobile website or IOT device, enabling our advanced social functionality within your mobile experience. This means your customers and prospects never leave your mobile experience while fully engaging in social media. And you have an exponentially more precise way of communicating with your audience around highly specific shared topics of interest - like buying your products and services.

SparksFy platform white label solution, fully customizable

White label our consumer app

We developed and manage our free SparksFly™ consumer app as our "proving ground" for how our technology performs in the hands of consumers. This means that a "white label" version of our app is fully customizable to a brand's needs, solid and perpetually evolves with trends and consumer behavior. It also means that when a brand decides to add in an additional social media platform to its white-label version of SparksFly™, it's already tested and in market with real life usage on it.

SparksFly feeds embedded in branded digital properties

Cobranded consumer app - SparkFeeds™

The SparksFly™ Platform for Social Media can deliver highly relevant social media content to other digital properties. Our SparkFeeds™, which provide multiple filters - including only content from specific social media platforms, content from specific people you follow or subscribe to in on social media platforms and content of a specific topic or set of keywords - can be embedded into websites, blogs and other digital applications.

Are you looking to transform how you use social media?

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SparksFly Technologies. Social Media platform for business

SparksFly™ is a solutions company dedicated to leveraging technology and a strategic approach to streamline and radically improve the social media experience on mobile devices.  Simply stated, whether you are a brand or a social media enthusiast, we make your social easier, faster and smarter, delivering exponentially more value. For brands, that value translates in to bigger multi-channel audiences, more relevant consumer engagement and higher revenue and profits, all through social.

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