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The SparksFly™ Technology Platform for Social Media is built for the future of social communications, delivering elusive business value, TODAY! It provides brands with a “social layer” for effectively managing and optimizing existing social strategies, across social platforms.

In deploying a SparksFly™ solution, organizations retain control of their own branding in the social environment whereas today, the social platforms sit between brands and a brand's consumers. We remove the current friction a brand experiences by facilitating a " topic of interest and content first, platform irrelevant" approach to multi-channel social media communications strategies.

Brands integrate the SparksFly™ Technology Platform for Social Media and approach, with existing brand applications, products and services. This includes mobile and browser apps, mobile web, digital media properties and other branded digital platforms. Alternatively, brands in need of a mobile app solution can get their own fully-integrated, branded social app, powered and supported by SparksFly™ Technologies.

Our patent-pending innovations enable brands to engage with audiences with significantly higher relevance and less friction. We enable the ability to seamlessly add in new social media platforms as they become strategically core to your business. We also provide the opportunity to build exponentially deeper relationships with customers; all in service of driving higher revenues and profits.

SparksFly Technologies' platforms drives audience growth across social media channels

Bigger audience growth

Growing subscribers across social media channels today is done platform by platform, user profile by user profile.  That requires the user to often begin with a search and find a profile, then click to subscribe. If the profiles are linked on a brand's site, the user must leave the site or mobile app to subscribe on the social media platform. If a brand has multiple profiles on a given platform as well as across platforms, the "audience grown potential" drops significantly in the acquisition. SparksFly™ developed an auto-subscribe feature within our SparkFeeds™ that required one click within the feed and the user "autosubcribes" to all the profiles within that feed AND never leaves the digital experience they are in.  SparksFly also helps grow customer base and participation within modern loyalty programs. Contact us to find out how.

SparksFly Technologies OTT platform for social media - relevant audience engagement

More, more relevant engagement

Relevant content at the right time is what engages audiences in social. And when brands can count on their audience to help contextualize and advocate the brand to others through social media, a two way "relationship" benefits both brand and consumer.  Either party can set the topic which 2 way relevance is built around.  When brands provide the right content at the right time to the right people, real value is delivered.  And it is done so in an incredibly efficient manner. We developed SparkFeeds™ in order to help consumers spend a fraction of the time in social media to get ONLY the relevant posts.  Our platform also provides the ability to message directly into the feed so only those who subscribe to that custom feed get your message, on top of all the relevant social content contained within it. Contact us to find out how.

SparksFly Technologies OTT platform for social media revenue and margin growth

Higher revenues and profit

The billion dollar question most brands have is "how do I use social media to drive revenue?" Social media sits squarely in the "managing our brand perception" more easily than the "managing our revenue" bucket.  SparksFly™ technology can be applied to your business in ways that impact awareness and conversion, acquisition and loyalty and ultimately revenues and profits. We drive modern loyalty programs, capture and share content for more effective e-commerce conversion, and provide access to highly engaged customers with which to drive highly profitable sales and feedback. Contact us to find out how.

SparksFly™ Platform for Social Media

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Industry use cases


  • Music
  • Film and TV
  • Sports and News
    • National
    • Regional
    • Local
    • Topical (political, party, issue, football, team, league, venue, event)
    • Fantasy sports


  • Fashion
    • Brick and mortar
    • Online
  • Grocery
  • Home Improvement DIY
  • Electronics
  • Theaters and arenas


  • Robotics

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SparksFly Technologies. Social Media platform for business

SparksFly™ is a solutions company dedicated to leveraging technology and a strategic approach to streamline and radically improve the social media experience on mobile devices.  Simply stated, whether you are a brand or a social media enthusiast, we make your social easier, faster and smarter, delivering exponentially more value. For brands, that value translates in to bigger multi-channel audiences, more relevant consumer engagement and higher revenue and profits, all through social.

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